A multi-college security department

This is a new phenomenon: Three colleges in Massachusetts have decided to combine and consolidate their public safety departments, to do more with less. I've heard of integrators recommending that security departments work with marketing and operations to try to grab more money for budgets, but, in this case, I wonder if integrators should be asking small campuses to think about working with other local small campuses to get a better and more flexible surveillance system, for example, where 1 plus 1 would really add up to a better IP-based system for both parties, as they could split the cost of the monitoring facility. Looks like that's what they're doing at Smith, Hampshire, and Mount Holyoke:
As part of the merger, the dispatch operation will be located at a shared facility at Mount Holyoke. Otherwise, the officers currently stationed on each campus will stay in place, except in case of emergencies or special events. Officials said the response times for calls will not change.
Basically, they're keeping almost all the people, but reducing duplication of technology and increasing the ability to have a lot of officers on one of the three campuses should there be a large event of some kind that would otherwise require hiring out for help. Really interesting, I think.