Must be the mustache

News out of Stanley camp is that they're combining their Canadian and U.S. operations and giving CSS (Convergent Security Solutions) COO Tony Byerly a promotion and calling him president of the whole affair. No link, but here's the release:
Naperville, IL – April 17, 2009 – Tony Byerly, Chief Operating Officer of Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc. (Stanley CSS - U.S.) has been named President of CSS-North America and will assume responsibilities as the leader of the new combined division of Stanley CSS-U.S. and Stanley CSS-Canada.
Truthfully, I didn't realize there was a CSS-Canada. Guess I should pay attention to these things.
“Stanley Convergent Security Solutions is combining two of our divisions (United States and Canada) into one, CSS-North America. We believe this new alignment led by Tony Byerly, will help us create world-class service offerings in the North American markets we serve through the shared knowledge and best practices that come from the combination of both divisions,” states Brett Bontrager, President, Stanley Convergent Security Solutions. “We are excited about this strategic alignment as it will benefit and support the needs of our customers and associates in our North American market.”
More title creep here. President Tony Byerly now works for president Brett Bontrager. Couldn't Byerly still be COO? Or be VP? No, certainly not VP - they give that title out with your MBA now, I think. So, president it is for Tony.
Byerly contributes 20 years of leadership experience to Stanley-CSS in the security market. His executive career has involved working for both private and public corporations, including Fortune 50 companies such as Ameritech, SBC Global Communications, Cambridge Protection Industries, Honeywell Security Monitoring (HSM) and ADT/Tyco International. Most recently, Byerly was retained by the Stanley Works when HSM was acquired in 2007 where he served as Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and National Accounts, and was subsequently promoted to Chief Operating Officer in January 2008. During his tenure at HSM his sales and marketing prowess favorably positioned the company as an industry leader in three short years.
He was "retained." As in, "we decided not to fire him when we bought HSM"?
Byerly holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science and Business, attending Eureka College as a Ronald W. Reagan Scholar. He lives in Naperville, Illinois with his wife Kari and their three children Daisy, JD and Jonathan. He offices out of the Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc. Field Headquarters in Naperville, IL.
Okay, I admit it. I posted this entire release just so I could wonder aloud about the use of "office" as a verb. Is that common practice and I just missed it? I'll admit I was caught behind the times with "effort" as a verb. I heard some guy on sports talk radio this morning utter the sentence "we're efforting Stephen A. Smith right now," meaning that they're trying to get the loud mouth basketball commenter who just got canned (or maybe "not retained") by ESPN on the phone. When the sports guys have bought into the new use of the word, I'm just a curmudgeon for disliking it, I suppose. I don't want to be all Andy Rooney here, but does the English language not have enough words? We've got way more than anyone else, so I don't see why we've got to make up new ways to use words we've already got. Plus, it's not like it's more Twitterifically efficient or anything: "He offices out of"=17 characters; "He is based at"=14 characters. Maybe he didn't want to be "based" (because it sounded too base). I'm actually all for the ever-evolving nature of the English language, it's just that I sometimes can't figure out why it evolves the way it does. Regardless, I attribute Byerly's ongoing success at least partly to his mustache. At the next ISC West, I think there should be some kind of Best Security Mustache competition, whereby you could stop at the SSN booth, have a photo taken of you rocking your mustache, and then we'll publish the winner in the May paper, and that winner will get a lifetime supply of Firehouse Mustache Wax. (Publisher Tim: Think we can spring for that? I can't imagine you go through more than a tin or two a year. We can put it in the operating budget - no need for it to be a capital item.) Byerly would be among the favorites, along with Honeywell's Joe Sausa.


All this talk of the stache. WOW what happened to yours.........

Yeah, I'm completely out of the stache competition until ASIS, at least. But I'll be back in the game. Rumors that I was intimidated by Byerly's stache are unfounded...