In the near future, LILIN will be ONVIF compliant

These are the kinds of releases you've been waiting for: Companies announcing they are making standards-based (or, in this case, specifications-based) products in the IP video world. Five days from now, LILIN will announce it has ONVIF compatible cameras and an encoder. (The press release, which came up on my Google notifications for ONVIF, is dated July 1 - not sure why.) Here's the canned quote you've been waiting for:
Jason Hill, LILIN UK Managing Director reported “This is a significant milestone for LILIN and the future IP CCTV market worldwide. I believe that standards have now positioned IP to take the market share from traditional analogue in the very near future and pave the way for making HD CCTV a reality in the next year or two. As an industry we now have to communicate the benefits that this and other standards are bringing to the End User and move the technology forward and upwards.”
That might be a bit bright and shiny, but standards are certainly nice. Analog already has some pretty standard standards (they're called NTSC and PAL), so IP is playing a bit of catch up here... Encouraging, nonetheless.