Need a spokesmodel?

I'm not sure if this means times are particularly tough, or if it means that just about every profession is professionalizing, but we got an email here in the SSN offices today from a very enterprising woman offering her services as a spokesmodel (she writes it as "spokes model," and though that just doesn't seem right to me, maybe I should go with her way - she's in the business, after all). Anyway, though her English is a little fractured, I have to say she makes a compelling case as to why I should hire her for the upcoming ISC East show.
As you may or may not know having a Spokes Model creates a tremendous traffic boost to your booth, increased sales and makes for a successful show. Many clients I have worked with have commented that they have had their best show due to an increased traffic flow to their booth. Hiring a Spokes Model will actually "COST LESS" as compared to sending a staff member due to the high costs of air travel, hotel and meals.
This makes a lot of sense, really. I think I should just not go to New York, and leave the coverage of the show to Lada Praskova, who definitely would look better on camera for ssnTVnews than me: lada-business3 Have you ever, Lada asks:
Missed deadlines because your sales team was too busy catching up from attending a trade show?
I'm sort of missing a deadline right now, actually. I'm way behind on the November paper, and it's all because of the time I wasted reporting and talking to people at ASIS. Oh, Lada, where were you two months ago when I was prepping for Anaheim?
Spent too much money on hotels, food, travel and entertainment while your employees are attending trade shows?
Um, this happens every single time I go to Vegas. Lada, I'm booking for you for ISC West, too! (This will also keep me from spending dozens of hours at the blackjack tables.)
Become too busy on the next event to make the last one profitable?
Exactly! I'm trying to book people to be on ssnTVnews at ISC East and I'm not even caught up on all the ASIS stories yet!
Felt overwhelmed with unqualified leads, that then lead to wasted time with follow up calls?
Yes, yes, yes. I hate getting all these business cards. It's like I should call and follow up with people, but I really don't want to. I really just want to check my fantasy football team and play with my iPhone. If Lada would just go to my shows for me, I'd never get another business card!
Let me help you increase your sales and save your company revenue!
Lada, I'm pretty much sold. Just have to run this by Tim, the publisher. I'm sure he'll be into it. He doesn't really like having me around much...


Let us know what Tim says. I think I speak for many when I say we will raise the money somehow if there is any resistance.

Ouch. (I'm not sure I'm going to keep you on the Christmas card list, Pat.)

Business opportunity for "Booth Babes Anonymous"