New VaaS entrant

You may remember Smartvue from my link to Martin Renkis looking dapper, but with all this talk lately about security and video as a service, now is the time to check out their new VaaS offering. You can find all the details here, on their brand-new Web site, which launched last night. It's admittedly a little bit different than your standard security company web site. It's geared toward the end user, yes, with pricing and equipment lists and things that often scare dealers who want to competitively price and be creative with system design, but here's the rationale from Bill Hapner, head of sales for Smartvue: "We're handing the lead to them, having the customer sign up to get the financing done on the front end. Then the dealer gets the installation fee. Then I'm going to pay them either a one-time fee or I'll give them a piece of the deal over the three years. And most every one of them is okay with it so far. The bigger guys will just go out and do it on their own because they don't need our help with the financing ... It takes 24 hours to get approved if you're an approvable business and we're ready to go. And people seem to be okay with putting the pricing and equipment online. And that's really to protect the dealers. It's so some guy can't come out and advertise at three points above cost. They can't advertise anything less than what we've got on the web. I thought I'd get some push back on that, but I haven't." A wireless 1TB NVR, four-high-res-camera video surveillance system for $199 a month with a "buy now" button on the web that still keeps the dealer and the channel involved? That seems pretty interesting.