A new way to sell analytics

I've mentioned Cernium's Archerfish in passing, but now it's ready for sale. What is it? Well, it's basically video analytics for the home. It takes the whole concept of monitoring latch-key kids and pets from afar to another level entirely by using video analytics to trigger event notices, instead of motion detectors or kids punching in a code at the key pad. Or, more specifically:
Using a combination of video cameras, an Archerfish SmartBox (an intelligent device with advanced video technology) and the Archerfish SmartPortal (a custom web portal), Archerfish 'watches' one or more locations for specific situations, providing peace of mind and helping manage unexpected situations. Examples include confirming children arriving home from school; learning about an unwelcome intruder; knowing an elderly parent living alone is up and about; and ensuring critical business events such as deliveries and store openings happen.
Okey-doke, sounds good. Where do security installers sign up? Well, Cernium's announcement first talks about using A/V distributors to take this thing to market:
Beginning this month, Archerfish will be offered in the Mid-Atlantic, Florida, Arizona and Nevada markets through Audio Video Warehouse, Bay Distributing and Shifting Sands Stereo Distributing. These organizations comprise the initial phase of a program that will encompass the United States and the United Kingdom later this year.
Wait a sec. That's not exactly ADI, Tri-Ed, and Anixter, is it? Here's the AV Warehouse line card (Cernium hasn't made it yet, but we'll assume the web guys just haven't been alerted of the big news yet). Clearly, this isn't your standard security channel Cernium's developing here. Certainly, a great many security installers also work in the A/V channel, but video analytics have never been pitched to that side of the house in my experience. By my reckoning, video analytics for the house is a pretty forward-thinking concept. Here's an interview with Craig Chambers about it: Note he says it will be "primarily sold through Telcos" eventually, but that they're going through high-end specialty retail and high-end residential installers to start. (Also note that Nicole's going to figure out who's been pooping on her lawn.) Security guys, this may not be for you. But it could be, I think. I'm not sure people are going to want to/be able to self-install this, but maybe I'm wrong. So if you succeed early with the product, and this concept, maybe that telcos idea will never come about.