Newest member of the UL 2050 elite? DGA

Got a press release from DGA Security Systems on last week. Seems they're the latest security company to go through the rigorous qualifying and vetting process to apply for and receive their UL 2050 designation. I've written about other companies in that select group before. Some other members of the UL 2050 club include Diebold, Acadian, and NMC to name a few. From the release:
DGA Security Systems, Inc, is pleased to announce that it has been UL 2050 certified, allowing it to install, service and monitor security systems for federal facilities including the U.S. Department of Defense. DGA becomes one of a select number of security companies in the nation to obtain this certification for both the installation and monitoring of systems. The UL 2050 listing confirms that DGA has met the stringent requirements for the protection of classified materials as certified by Underwriters Laboratories. When evaluating security companies, UL only certifies those that are staffed with highly skilled employees who have gone through extensive training, have appropriate backup procedures in place and follow UL-specific processes.
In a 2009 interview with SSN, UL's Pete Tallman (who created the 2050 designation) said 2050 spoke to the caliber of the company in question. "It's a choice [a company makes] so that a service company in, say, Arizona knows they don’t have to verify the knowledge of the company in question ... since they have the UL 2050," Tallman said. "[A company acquires] this listing so they can be readily identified by providers of national industrial security systems as a station that has the skill set to process signals in accordance with with the standard." Again from the DGA release:
'UL has confirmed that DGA can satisfy organizations that require the utmost protection,' said Stanley Oppenheim, DGA’s founder and president. 'We maintain a steadfast commitment to provide our customers with superior service, operational excellence and the right security solutions to fit their needs.'
Congrats to DGA and to all those in the process of attaining the designation.