NFPA show opens today

I'm here in Chicago, getting ready to head down to McCormick Place convention center, which I hear is the largest in the country, for the opening of the National Fire Protection Association Conference and Expo. I'm staying a little north of the convention center. Wanted to check out the fire protection system at the Chicago Art Institutes' new modern wing, which just opened a couple weeks ago. The NFPA show opens today at 3:30, but NFPA events have been ongoing for a couple days. In particular, there were a couple of behind-the-scenes tours on Saturday, one at the Fermi Lab and one at UL. I wasn't in town for those events, but here's some great coverage from the NFPA press staffHere's their blog You've got to check it out--fun entries and LOTS OF COOL PICTURES of the tours. [Sam calls writing in all capital letters "yelling in print." United Publications techies: can you hear me? SURE WISH I COULD POST PHOTOS.] You know, the NFPA press staff has gotten frightfully hip in the last year. In addition to their blog, they're also twittering (I think the verb is tweeting) from the event. I can't wait to get [NFPA's director of communications] Lorraine Carli's take on this twitter thing. I'm trying to keep an open mind on Twitter, but it's not easy. What's next? Flapping, Yammering, Blathering? What do you think about Twitter? About NFPA 2009? Stop by the Security Systems Booth at NFPA (Number 1337) to let me know.