NICE security president comments on the PSIM market

You can read Chris Wooten, president of NICE's security division, comment on the Orsus buy specifically in the story on our front page right now, but there was some other interesting information I gathered from him that I thought I'd pass along in raw form, mostly regarding the PSIM market that is being postulated about right now. Me: First, why Orsus? Chris:When we looked at it, we saw clearly that Orsus has been in the market the longest, and has the larger install base, and a much more mature product. They had real customers; they had customers that saw value and put down millions of dollars to buy the solution. And for us, when you’re looking at a nascent market, that was a big one for us. We visited customers and saw that they were getting real value, and without being disrespectful of other companies, when we looked at their product, some of it was still slide-ware." Me: What's the difference, in your eyes, between a "PSIM" company and a company like Genetec or Milestone that can integrate with a number of other products? Chris: The essential difference is, well, take a Genetec, they’re linking their access control and their video together. If you look at the OnSSI product, they’re linking their video product to Milestone, say. What the key difference is is that Orsus has developed gateways to more than 150 different technologies provided by many other companies. They have this very robust library of existing integrations off the shelf that we can take advantage of, and now I can tie into the Lenel access control, the ADT fire alarm, the JCI building automation system. The customer can have the Genetec video at one site, the Verint at another, the Nice at another, I can tie that together under one framework. The other guys have one or two, and it’s primarily video driven, and this is why we wanted to not do a VidSys, because they’ve come in from the video world. We get video already, and we have a robust system for that. We wanted to tie in everything else." Me: What does this acquisition say about your opinion of the PSIM market in general and how it's going to influence the security industry as a whole? Chris: I think it is the key – I think this is the future and that’s why we spent the kind of money that we spent to acquire it. I read on John Honovich’s web site on Friday that he was more approaching it from what NICE was paying for the company and we think it’s a fair price, we think there’s good value there, and this situation management market, as well call it, or PSIM, it’s a small but growing market. We work with some of the largest customers in the US, and they’re starting to ask for this technology because they see the problem. Especially as people try to consolidate their systems, it’s a great solution for consolidating command and control, instead of having to manage a lot of different sub-systems. It’s a cost-savings tool as well. I think this is just the tip of the iceberg and we’re very excited about going to out to go and buy the best of breed solution in the industry, and we do think it's the best of breed. I think if anything it should validate, legitimize, whatever word you want to use, that this is something that’s very important. But, you know, today most of the companies in that space are very small, and it’s tight out there for companies that are small and not well funded.


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