Is Nokia eyeing the security market?

An interesting story from the Continent today, showing that Nokia may soon be a player in the security marketplace. It's starting out with a collaboration with an energy company to help people control their heating (it's a Finnish company - heat's a big deal there) through the Nokia Home Control Center, essentially a wireless router on steroids, but the article goes on to say that Nokia feels other third parties will integrate with its box, including security manufacturers: The smart box is based on an open Linux-based platform and includes a raft of wireless technologies which allow users to connect remotely via a PC or smartphone. It is envisaged that third parties will integrate their own services as Nokia vies for a slice of the "networked home" market. It packs 6GB (gigabytes) of storage, necessary if it is to act as a store for video from security cameras. First: Wow. "It is envisaged"? That may be the most passive sentence starter I've ever witnessed. Well done, anonymous BBC writer! Second: What the article discusses isn't all that different from what a Honeywell Total Connect, DSC+Life|Ware, or GE Home Technology can do, but it's interesting that a mobile device maker is trying to get hardware in the home. With competition heating up and mobile device makers struggling to keep their profits up, security might be an area where more of them try to make hay, whether it's the iPhone pushed as a video surveillance key, or smart-phones pushed as the center of your digital universe, including your security system. Regardless, it's more indication that mobile is king, and if you can't offer your customers access to their system via their mobile device, that's going to increasingly be a problem.