Not THAT Risk Management Consultants

It appears that our top newswire story from yesterday has caused some confusion. I don't think it's my fault. The story was about a top engineering firm, KCI Technologies, buying Risk Management Consultants and with it creating a new subsidiary, KCI Protection Technologies. Unfortunately, there's another Risk Management Consultants, run by Jim Emerick, which is based in Cokeysville, Maryland, and just two miles from KCI's Hunt Valley offices. Emerick reports being a bit surprised to hear he'd sold his business. He thought it was funny at first, the two companies having the same names, then he got a call from one of his biggest suppliers asking him if he still needed his line of credit. Yikes. So, to be clear: KCI bought Risk Management Consultants, Inc., a Delware firm founded in 1985 and run by John Fannin, that does mostly engineering and design work in the security marketplace. (Here's a release about it, if you don't believe me.) KCI Technologies DID NOT buy Risk Management Consultants, LLC, a Maryland firm that services and installs residential and commercial burglar alarm systems, access control systems, CCTV systems and UL-listed fire alarm systems. They also have monitoring through a partner central station, Alarm Watch, also of Hunt Valley. While we're talking about the non-purchased RMC of Maryland, I can also note that RMC was recognized in 2003 by the Carroll County States Attorney's Office with an "Outstanding Achievement Award" for work with victims of domestic violence, and this past year, for similar efforts, RMC was named Business of the Year by the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence and took home the 28th Annual Governor's Crime Prevention Award. Congratulations to them on working toward a noble cause. Apparently, Risk Management Consultants is a pretty popular name for a business. Here's one in Florida. Here's one in the UK. Here's one that serves orthodontists. I'm sure there are others.