Now this is commitment to customer service

One very cool meeting I had at ISC West was with Trish Bambury, the marketing gal for new U.S. entrant Paxton Access, an IP access control maker that's done very well in the UK and is just now ramping up efforts here in the States. In general, I think their stuff is good-looking, with a very slick GUI and a general appreciation of design and aesthetics that I find largely missing in the market as a whole. But that's not even the good part. At the end of my interview with Trish (who's got one of the most interesting British accents you're likely to come across - plus I'm a sucker for all those Britishisms), she pointed me to an area of their web site where you can read every comment ever sent in response to the survey they send out following every service call. There are currently 4,772 responses posted, all dated and timed, some of them with signatures, and just about all of them are positive. But they're not filtered, as you will come across the occasional stinging indictment. That's confidence in your product and your service. Well done. You have to go back to June of 2007 to find a really sharp comment, but it ends with this, which I always find amusing: I would rather suspect this comment will not get published on the Paxton Home Page. Trish tells me the people at Paxton are "anoraks," which is a British term for calling people obsessive compulsive, from what I can tell. She says it's not quite a compliment, but if it results in what they've got to offer, it can't be that bad.