Now this is how you do media

I've often harped here that security companies need to do a better job of using the media for their own devices. Far too often, criminals are apprehended with thanks to "the security company." But this news report shows you just how the media can get a good story at the same time you get a fine sales tool. And because it's being done by an independent news house, iVerify and ioimage get great validation. No doubt other construction firm owners were quickly googling the two firms after seeing this: It's funny, because this kind of site security seems so obvious with today's technology, yet a phone conversation I had with the people at Vidient has made me think about where the market is really at with analytics and perimeter protection. Vidient has decided to focus on the perimeter security market for its analytics product, generally to the exclusion of other applications. I asked why they would want to limit themselves in that way, when integrators are perfectly capable of coming up with interesting applications for their technology. Vidient sort of disagreed, saying that most integrators needed to be shown how and where to use the analytics, and pointing out that very few new sites are using analytics and video for their perimeter protection. I'd love to see numbers, though I doubt they exist, of how many new facilities are using things like motion detectors and trip wires to the exclusion of analytics and video. Is it true that people still don't trust, or still don't know how to implement analytics for perimeter protection, where it's pretty much a no-brainer? Or does Vidient underestimate the market's advancement?