Now that's how you get good press

I've been harping on security companies to do a better job with getting some mainstream press, but it seems at least one Canadian company doesn't need my advice. After hearing that a 91-year-old man had been robbed three times in a week, Webnet Global Security Systems offered to install and monitor a security system for the guy, free of charge. Now that's how you get good press. Plus, the company is brand-new, part of WebNet Global, a wireless mesh provider looking to bring wireless broadband services to the home. What better way to kick things off (notice the security link I provided above takes you to a page under construction) than with some feel-good story about helping out a helpless old man? I mean, you couldn't ask for better press than this: "They thought it was an awful thing that happened, and we decided to do something for the gentleman, at no cost to him, because he's 91 years old and these perpetrators are preying on him," Gilroy said. "We will not ask for one dime from him for anything," he said. "There will be no charge for monitoring, for installation. Nothing. Just a free system installed to help the guy out." Don't you have a 91-year-old in your community who could use a hand? (I could make a bad joke about his impact on your attrition numbers, but I'll refrain.)