Oakland, Calif., gouging the industry?

Got my Alarm/Security Industry Legal Newsletter from Ken Kirschenbaum yesterday. Seems another municipality may be on the path to use its alarm ordinance as a revenue generator rather than as a means to curtail wasteful false alarms. Ken is raising the alarm and urging concerned alarm companies who do business in the Oakland area to attend. Here's a little of what Ken had to say about the situation:
They can call it false alarm reduction, better protection for the public or anything else they want--but it's revenue raising for the city and that's about it. It also appears that at least one private company will benefit, ATB Services--engaged to administer the new program.
The included invitation to the meeting urges industry participation:
The City of Oakland's Police Department invites members of the alarm industry to attend an important meeting to discuss the implementation of the City's revised alarm ordinance. If you plan to operate any type of Alarm Company Installation or Monitoring activity within the city limits of Oakland, Calif., you should plan to have a representative attend this meeting.
Questions, comments and concerns regarding the agenda can be forwarded to ATB's Janie Morin at 800-861-5944 ext. 101. The meeting is set to take place tomorrow (Dec. 16) at the OPD auditorium, located at 455 Seventh Street in Oakland. The new ordinance can be found here. And what's interesting is to read what Ken really thinks of false alarm laws and the false alarm problem in general. Ken asks some valid questions. Security Systems News will continue to follow this story.


We in Washington State currently have ATB services every where, I view this as a stop light camera cash cow for the local cities in the area only this has to do with false alarms..

Good luck ..

ATB does do a good job and you will pay for there services

Hey Tim,

Thanks for the information. I've been following up on this story all morning. I actually called ATB to ask "if the alarm industry is going to be legally required to administer the permitting process, why are you on the city's payroll?" and was told quite firmly "We are NOT on the city's payroll!" I rephrased the question and said "Well, what services will you be billing them for?" and was told "You'll need to direct all those questions to the Oakland Police Department False Alarm Reduction Unit." Still waiting to hear back.