One central station's dealer incentives include a chance to win a new Camaro!


I was contacted recently by Armstrong's GM Dan Small about some new initiatives they're taking up in the Great White North to help out their dealers and treat them right.

"Armstrong’s Communication Ltd. is adding some new services for our dealers, as well as having a major yearlong contest," Dan told me in an email. I called  him up and we talked for a bit.

Armstrong's is a Canadian central staiton with offices in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and Moncton and Coal Creek, New Brunswick. They monitor accounts in every province of Canada. I wrote about them a few years back when they started their FAST dealer financing program.

So what's new with Dan Small et al?

"It has been a wild couple of years.  Growth has been great and we have been working very hard," Dan told me. "We're promoting products and services to all our dealers." Small told me they were promoting discounted products and services from provider partners to their dealers--everything from software and hardware to insurance. "We're not doing any buying or anything, but we're telling product and service providers, 'If you'll give us a bulk discount, we'll promote your product to our dealers as a promotion. It'll get on our website, it'll get out to our dealers, we'll do a mailer.' We're just trying to say, 'Here's another reason, another advantage to using Armstrong's.'"

Dan also said Armstrong's is coming up with some other creative dealer incentives, as well.

"Technologically, we're all about the same. And that really has leveled the playing field. So you need to be a little more creative these days in saying, 'This is why you should use me," Dan said. "So we're doing a contest as well. We did one 10 years ago that was really succseful in which we gave away a van. This isn't really designed to help switch new dealers over to us--if it does, that's great--but what's it's designed to do is to get our dealers who maybe have a few drifter accounts left spread out at other centrals. And the dealer just never gets around to reprogramming those accounts. This contest has been motivating them to transfer all their accounts over. For every account they bring over, they get one ballot toward the car."

The car Dan's talking about is brand new Chevy Camaro. They've been running the contest since November 1. Avid readers of this blog will recall the security industry hijinks that ensued when SSN associate publisher Gregg Shapiro and I traveled down to Dallas last summer for a security roadtrip during which we found ourselves in a bitchin' Camaro, pictured below.


I wrote about some other creative dealer incentives a while ago as well when I covered AlarmWATCH's NFL-themed dealer contest.

Dan also talked a little bit about how the industry had been changing.

"Our industry has had to change our mind set," Dan said. "Years ago, it was: 'Let’s keep all the information to ourselves.' Now it’s: 'How fast can we get the info out?'"

True enought, Dan. I've been talking with a lot of security industry folks lately who are beginning to realize that they had better adapt to changing technology and changing end users quickly or find themselves scrathing their heads, wondering where their businesses have gone.