One man's anti-door-knocking solution

Normally, this would be Martha's beat, as she handles our residential security reporting and she's been covering the door-knocking revolution all summer, but she's on vacation and then traveling for the next two weeks and this is just too good to pass up for that long. I received yesterday this letter in the mail: letter It's from Marty Mayo at the Alarm Store, and the text reads:
One alarm company owner's answer to the "door knockers" is enclosed. I mailed one to every client.
But those aren't just any "No Soliciting" stickers. On the back, they read:
Scammers and crooks of all types, including alarm schemers, go "door to door." May this "No Soliciting" decal provide peace and freedom from "Door Spam." A "thank you for being a customer" gift from your friends at TAS. To request additional decals, email or call 505-881-0001. Stop telemarketers, junk mail and credit offers with FREE opt-out registrations.
Brilliant, if you ask me. It's proactive, it's not whiney, and it may actually keep other companies from grabbing your accounts. Plus, you're developing a stronger relationship with your customers. Well done, Marty.


I agree - well done Marty. Door knockers are giving the alarm industry a bad, sorry, worse name than we had before. It's touch and go as to who will knock lawyers off their number one spot as 'most hated' - us or the bankers.

Great idea as it is simple, cost effective and a service to the client as I am still trying to remember to buy that no solicitation sign from the hardware store. Anytime you are communicating with your customers is a good time as it develops loyalty and let's them know that you value them. Way to go Marty!