Online marketing for dealers

You knew it was coming - it just took a little longer for the security industry than most others. Here you have a company dedicated to nothing but educating security dealers about online marketing and selling them solutions to their problems. Here's the pitch:
Membership and training from skyrockets your sales, grows your profits and increases lifetime customer value. Designed by industry professionals for security and life safety business owners and senior managers, gives members and students sales and marketing strategies and tactics that work. No hype or theoretical jargon … just practical, put-to-work now methods that produce results.
They've got some free downloads available for tips on online marketing, how to evaluate a web company, and what exactly to make of Google rankings. And they've got a back story:
Brian Offenberger today announced the opening of Security Selling – a web marketing agency helping security companies, life safety companies and integrators increase online sales. The inspiration for Security Selling came from a security dealer complaining about the poor quality of web companies able to understand his business, recalled Offenberger, president and founder of Security Selling. “The dealer complained that his website never produced leads and how hard it was getting to find new customers via traditional marketing methods,” said Offenberger. “And on top of it all, he couldn’t find a web company that understood the industry, its customers or its products.” The idea that there could be a better way to increase online sales for security companies, life safety companies and integrators caught the attention of Offenberger, a 20+ year management veteran of the industry and a certified internet marketing expert. Pounds of almond M & M’s later, Security Selling was born.
Offenberger was a regional director for Siemens and was on the executive team for one of the big indies. It also says he's "a certified web marketing specialist by the eMarketing Association, Google, and Yahoo." You can be a certified web marketing specialist? Anyway, it's $20 a month. Might it be worth it? Hard to say, really. The site's pretty ugly, and the endorsements are all anonymous (which always makes me think they're fake, but I'm cynical that way), but it's not like security dealers couldn't use the help with their online presence. And they do have a money-back guarantee.