ONVIF plugfest update

Looks like my passive-aggressive post about the PSIA plugfest, wherein I snarkily mentioned I couldn't get in touch with ONVIF (admittedly, I didn't try THAT hard, but I hate when phone calls aren't returned), has resulted in good things. I got a report on what happened at ONVIF's ASIS plugfest and it sounds like it was a resounding success similar to the PSIA's. Per ONVIF executive director Paul Ritchie:
First, we had 8 companies represented, and they demonstrated 10 cameras and 4 software clients. AVerMedia, Axis, Bosch, Canon, IndigoVision, Lilin, Panasonic, Sony, and Vivotek were present and demonstrating products. By actual headcount, we had 146 people, both members and non-members of ONVIF attend the reception and plug fest demonstration.
That's a major headcount, and definitely more people than were at the PSIA event (not that it's a competition). Speaking of competition, though, I was talking with Warren Brown, director of product management for access control and video at Tyco (Software House, Kantech, American Dynamics, etc.), and he mentioned that while Tyco has joined the board of directors for PSIA (go to the link, then click on the story - it's one of those automatic PDF downloads), they're also members of ONVIF, and that he thinks the competition of the two groups is good for the industry. He doesn't think either group would be as far along as they are without the other as a benchmark and I think most people agree. Maybe eventually it will shake out to where one is the dominant standard, or maybe they'll converge at some point and everyone will be arm-in-arm and the world will be all peace and harmony, but for now the race is on and it's fun to watch.