Panasonic security head resigns

I'm still working on the details of this one, and I don't have a link for you, but I have confirmation of the following:
JM Allain has recently resigned from Panasonic to pursue other interests and Joe Taylor, the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Panasonic Corporation of North America, has assumed the role of President of Panasonic System Solutions.
Allain took over the role of president from retiring Frank DeFina just last year. Under Allain, Panasonic put out new messages of being a solutions-based manufacturer (changing its name, actually, from Panasonic Security Systems to Panasonic System Solutions) and looked to work more closely with integrators. Allain's background was integration based - he came most recently from Duos Technologies. I'm hoping to get more information on whether Taylor is a long-term solution or just a stop-gap, and whether Allain's departure will mean a change of course for Panasonic Security.