Party at ASG!


Just arrived in Beltsville, Md. for the grand opening of ASG’s new headquarters.

They’re in the same location they’ve been in for years, they’ve just expanded, a lot though…about two and a half times.

In the past several years ASG has acquired several companies in this area and they’ve decided to bring them all under one roof with the corporate operations. They acquired Accutech, Tenn Security and Netversant.

“All told that’s about 75-80 new employees,” Bob Ryan told me. “There are about 130 people working in this building now.”

Bringing disparate businesses together is difficult to “integrate well with core operations unless you’re under one roof,” he said.

Expanding this building and bringing everyone together, “lowered our costs, there’s better employee synergy and morale,” he said.

There’s a big tent outside. I’ve seen some guests from the industry, Joe Sausa and Tony Martin from Honeywell, Mark Melendes from PrivateBank, and I hear that there will be some sports notables from these parts…someone from the Orioles and someone from the Redskins.

I’m also looking forward to talking to one of ASG’s blue chip customers, NIH, who will be here today.

“It’s the first time since we’ve been in business that we’ve taken the time to recognize our own accomplishments and our employees,” Ryan said.

This a big milestone and we didn’t want it to pass without saying thank you, without looking in the mirror and saying ‘we’re doing pretty good.’”

Party’s starting now, more later