Party, party

Okay, so I experienced a little of the Las Vegas nightlife last night, but look how early I'm up blogging. It's like 7:45. I'm rather impressed with myself, especially since I'm normally such a tea-totaler (the web seems ambivalent on whether there's one or two ls in that). Anyway, thanks to Cisco for a very nice dinner at Mix, the restaurant high atop THEhotel at Mandalay Bay. The shop talk was even keeled and the view and food were top notch. Congratulations to Security Technology and Design managing editor Paul Rothman, by the way, who's got his first child due in about three months. I'll kill the suspense: It's a boy. Later, I hit up the ADT party held on the Brooklyn Bridge at New York, New York. Talk about in-demand. While the event never got oppressively crowded, ADT staffers were kept very busy by those who didn't have coveted entry chips (like, say, me, who left his chip in the hotel, because that's what generally happens to me). However, while the band did do a great "Hips Don't Lie" cover, they really couldn't compete with the roller coaster. I was glad I hit it before the party and not after. Things finished up at they Wynn, about which I will only say: Their bartenders make great old fashioneds. Meetings today include Tyco, Johnson Controls, Cernium, Orsus and a number of others, so maybe I'll have some real news later.