Pelco continues to open up

Sometimes it's the little things that speak volumes. While Pelco has continuously been talking about opening up its architecture and product line, it's one thing to "integrate" with other companies' products, it's another thing to open up what was previously a closed, proprietary system. So, I read with some interest this release (warning: that's a pdf download from an ftp server - that's how they post all their press releases) about lifting certification requirements on Pelco Endura encoders. See, before, if you wanted to use Endura encoders, you had to have an Endura system from front to back. Now you can just use the encoders, which work really well with the Pelco PTZs and are thus attractive for taking the large Pelco analog install base and making it digital, as a piece of the system. Seems like an obvious move to me (I've never understood why you'd tell someone you can't buy something from you, for whatever reason), but it's just another sign of the industry moving from proprietary systems to best-of-breed solutions.