Pelco merges with Crockett

I don't have many details because I learned of this via Twitter: "Message from Dean Meyer: Crockett International merges with Pelco. Effective immediately, all Crockett personnel are Pelco employees." This would be the Twitter drawback - I know just enough to know that I need to know more. So now I've got to go look around. This is Crockett. Here's the release from Pelco. Beware of the pdf that's going to make you download. Anyway, the gist of it is that Crockett was their manufacturer's rep in Asia/Central America:
According to Pelco President and CEO Dean Meyer, this merger will benefit customers in Asia and Latin America by providing them the assurance of Pelco’s lasting commitment. “Sales projections clearly indicate that Asia and Latin America are key emerging markets for the video industry. As such, acquiring Crockett International is a logical step that will allow Pelco to better leverage the combined resources in order to create a larger and more efficient sales team over time.”
So, basically, it's irrelevant to you, my North American readers. Still, cool to find out something I give a crap about via Twitter. If you want to follow Pelco, go here. If you want to follow me, go here.