Pelco's back in

Maybe ISC West was a REALLY good show. Not only has John Honovich starting thinking about turning around his dire predictions for 2010, but Pelco has decided IFSEC isn't such a bad investment after all. Check it out:
Pelco to Participate in IFSEC 2009 Clovis, CA (April 8, 2009) – Pelco is excited to announce that after careful evaluation and reconsideration, it will once again be participating in IFSEC 2009. This is a shift from an announcement made late last year that the company would not participate at the 2009 IFSEC show. “Following some last minute discussions with the show organizers we have reached agreement for Pelco to exhibit in the IP section of the show, albeit with a much smaller stand than in previous years, in order to launch several exciting new products including the Sarix megapixel camera range and the new Endura HD Optimised, enterprise-class video management system,” says Kevin Smith, Pelco Regional Manager for the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Pelco stand will be located in Hall 5, stand D80.
Those "discussions" might have gone something like this: IFSEC: Come on! We'll give you a free booth. Seriously, are you really not coming? Pelco: Birmingham is the suck, and there's no good hotel rooms left anyway. No way, we're not coming. We'll see you when you move back to London. At least then we can eat at some decent restaurants. IFSEC: Look, we'll put you in the IP section. You can say it's just because the demand for your new Sarix cameras is so high that you just couldn't deny the UK market a look at them. And we've got some rooms stashed at a sweet hotel right next to the river. You can have them. Seriously. Just come. Pelco: Right on the river? IFSEC: Seriously. Right on the river. They have a rooftop jacuzzi, too. Pelco: Alright, we're in! We'll put out a press release and stuff. Good news all around.


That's funny Sam. It will be interesting to hear Pelco's take on your imagined discussion :)

For the record, I am still very cautious and skeptical about a recovery. I think the stabilization is coming more from massive government intervention than a genuine improvement of fundamentals.

Close, real close!