People are even dumber than you thought

In the course of my google searching for security stories, this one keeps popping up. It's been in four or five publications. I'm convinced at this point that it's real. Check it out. The headline got me to click: Mix-up uncovers error in home security setup. (I would have gone with set-up hyphenated, but whatever.) So, okay, maybe this is something people need to worry about, this error, I'm thinking. So I read further. Here's the error: A Jennings resident recently gave her security company an incorrect address. When her alarm accidentally went off, police did not show up. Yeah, it can be a problem when you don't know where you live. Luckily, the cops are around to give people sound advice: "We are telling people to make sure they've given the right address ... Whenever you install a security system, make sure that everything is in order. This is something the homeowners should verify for themselves." Yes, definitely verify you've given your alarm company that actual address where you live. Like, don't say you live in St. Louis if you actually live in Jennings, because that would be a bad idea. Good thing we have crack reporters working at local newspapers to bring these vital issues to light. The rash of people giving their alarm companies addresses other than the ones at which they live has been averted, I'm certain.