Personnel changes signal new direction for Honeywell’s First Alert, CSS dealer programs?


Do personnel changes that took place in the last week at Honeywell signify a new direction for two major dealer programs—First Alert Professionals and Commercial Security Systems?

Based on a statement provided to Security Systems News that alludes to “the next stage in its evolution” it appears that Honeywell may intend to make some changes in the dealer programs, but the manufacturer has not publicly released information on any such plans to date.

According to several dealers who spoke to me this week, Honeywell on Monday began contacting dealers from its First Alert Professionals (FAP) dealer program and its Honeywell Commercial Security Systems (CSS) dealer programs to inform them that two longtime and well-known employees: Joe Sausa, president of FAP, and John Lorenty, head of CSS, were no longer employees of Honeywell as of last Friday, April 15.

Dealers told me that the message from Honeywell was essentially this: Honeywell is taking the dealer programs in a new direction with dealers’ needs in mind, and, there will likely be some restructuring of the programs. Dealers I spoke to were eager to hear more specifics of Honeywell’s plan.

I contacted Honeywell with several questions yesterday. Lourdes Pena, Honeywell’s business communications manager, provided the following information for my deadline today.

“Honeywell regularly evaluates its business to identify new opportunities and ensure that we remain competitive. Assessing our dealer programs for their sustained development is part of this ongoing process. We remain committed to the Honeywell’s First Alert Professional (FAP) and Commercial Security Systems (CSS) dealer programs. They deliver great advantages to our community of dealers and have brought continued success to our business. We look forward to the next stage in their evolution and to continue setting the standard in the industry. Dealers should continue contacting their current representatives for updates on our product offerings through FAP and CSS.”

Joe Sausa had served as president of First Alert since 2004. Sausa oversaw both FAP and CSS until last year. At ISC West in March 2010 Honeywell announced that John Lorenty, who previously had been in charge of access control, would take over as head of CSS, and Sausa would continue as president of FAP.