Petrow appointed new Vector president/CEO


New Vector president and CEO Pam PetrowI just got the release from Vector, which last week lost its long-time and much loved and lauded president John Murphy. Vector announced Oct. 19 that its board had appointed Pam Petrow, former EVP and COO of the company as the new president and CEO.

A release from Vector states that Murphy selected Petrow before his death and that her taking over is part of a carefully laid plan for the direction of one of the largest full-service alarm companies in the U.S. “The current appointment is the culmination of a carefully thought out succession plan for Vector Security,” the release reads. “Petrow will now be in charge of moving the company forward on the successful path which Mr. Murphy began when he became President and COO of Vector Security, Inc. in 1991.”

I have calls out to Vector to try and track Pam down and get some commentary from her on her plans for helming Vector into the future.

Congratulations to Pam.

I first met Pam at the 2008 CSAA Fall Operations Management Seminar in beautiful Peabody, Mass. (I used to live next door in Salem). I was immediately impressed with Pam's passion, pressence, professionalism and poise. I spoke with Pam again on various occasions in relation to her various roles at CSAA and Vector and in working out a computer-aided-dispatch protocol that has since become a new national standard. Pam won an award for her tremendous efforts on that project.

I'm looking forward to speeking with Pam again and getting some input from her on her new role.