Pinnacle employees ‘secure hope’ helping others


I blogged here this fall about Pinnacle Security’s plans to help people through its new charitable initiative called Pinnacle: Securing Hope. Now here’s an example of that new program at work.

The Utah-based summer model company just announced that 80 employees from Pinnacle’s division in Canada recently got back from two weeks in Honduras, where they performed such philanthropic work as building four homes and providing for residents’ energy needs in other homes by installing solar panels and hooking up electricity. In some cases, it was the residents’ first introduction to electricity.

The volunteers donated a total of $250,000 in time and supplies, according to Pinnacle.

“When we presented our employees with the opportunity to participate in this kind of project, we were overwhelmed with volunteers,” Stuart Dean, Pinnacle’s VP of communications, said in a statement. “That response speaks to the kind of people we have at Pinnacle. We are proud to continue our 'Pinnacle: Securing Hope' program and anticipate many similar endeavors in the near future.”

When Pinnacle announced the program in October, company COO Steve Hafen described it as an extension of the security company's mission of protecting people. He said the philanthropic efforts by the company and its more than 2,000 employees would include raising funds to help the continued recovery of victims of the earthquake in Haiti, and providing hands-on help to the needy in places such as Honduras and Mexico. Pinnacle also recently conducted a holiday food drive in its home state.

Graham Wood, division VP of sales for Pinnacle Security, Canada, called the trip to Honduras “extremely rewarding.”

“We were so pleased to be able to work with the community in such a meaningful way and are glad to be part of an organization that fosters and supports humanitarian opportunities,” he said in a statement.

Next place the group of Pinnacle employees plans to visit next year to provide the same kind of donations and services? Africa.



Why is there all these things on Pinnacle on here now. Are you guys going corporate and accepting dontations. There a bad company with a bad rep bottomline. No need to pay a bunch of money for Stuart Dean if you dont have any issues with your selling practices. They have a full legal team and now somebody to handle the bad PR which is only their own faults. IF all these problems were in 2009 why is the Ohio lawsuit in 2010. It clearly states it is 2010.