Pinnacle formalizes charitable efforts


Hi, this is Tess Nacelewicz, still hiding behind Martha Entwistle’s photo, but you should be able to see the real me very soon.

I've been doing some research on summer-model companies, and it seems like a lot of the news coverage has to do with problems with their sales reps. Many of the companies have made strides in addressing the problems associated with door-to-door contract employees.

Yesterday I spoke to Pinnacle Security's COO Steve Hafen, and in addition to filling me in on the range of quality control measures the company's put into place in the last 18 months, he told me about something new--a company-wide charitable initiative.

Hafen said the philanthropic initiative, called Pinnacle: Securing Hope, is just an extension of the company's mission of helping people. “It made sense as an organization and fit very nicely with our mission, which is to protect the things that matter most to people and to extend that to helping people who are in need,” Hafen said this week as the company announced the launch of the initiative.

Pinnacle’s efforts include raising funds to help the continued recovery of victims of the earthquake in Haiti, through such means as sponsorships and a 5K race near company headquarters on Nov. 6. Volunteers from Pinnacle also are planning to go down to places such as Haiti, Honduras and Mexico during the Christmas break to provide hands-on help to needy communities, Hafen said.

The company also is planning other efforts in its home state, such as an upcoming food drive for the holiday season and a planned scholarship program in conjunction with a local university.

The nine-year-old company has more than 2,000 employees, many of whom were already doing charitable work as teams or individuals, so the company decided to get behind its employees’ efforts and formalize them, Hafen said.

“The whole idea is to provide a framework around all the different things that already have been going on for many of our employees, and also as an organization sponsor and get behind and support some even broader initiatives that we think will be very beneficial to some of the communities out there in need,” Hafen said.

Also, he said, the company is doing well and simply wants to give back to others. “We’re really excited about this and it’s something the whole company is getting behind,” he said.