Power merger

No link for you, but there's breaking news on the power front: Alpha Technologies is merging with Argus Technologies, to create a larger Alpha that will move into new digs on January 1. Here's the release:
VANCOUVER, BC. December 9, 2009: On January 1, 2010 two industry leading power solutions companies, Alpha Technologies Ltd. and Argus Technologies Ltd., will merge to become Alpha Technologies Ltd. (Alpha).
Are there any non industry-leading companies? I don't seem to run across their press releases very often.
For more than two decades, both companies have consistently developed and delivered superior power solutions to the telecom, traffic, security and industrial sectors around the globe. The new Company will build on the shared pedigree of product quality, technological innovation and customization long demonstrated by Argus and Alpha.
I love it when people capitalize random nouns in press releases: "Company." I think it's a sub-conscious throwback to English's Germanic roots (because German capitalizes nouns - but you knew that).
“This merger will help us solve our customers’ unique powering challenges more effectively by leveraging a combined product portfolio in uninterruptible power supplies, power conversion, protection, backup and generation technologies. Providing our customer with one company to call for all their powering needs makes us easier to do business with,” said Mark Schnarr, CEO and President of Alpha Technologies Ltd. “It will also enable us to operate more efficiently, improve competitiveness and sustain growth. We remain committed to our goal of becoming the power solutions partner of choice for our customers.”
If they didn't remain committed to becoming the power solutions partner of choice for their customers, I'd be surprised. I would have gone with "being" instead of "becoming," though. But I'm shameless.
The merger, once completed, will see the combined enterprise relocated into a state-of-the-art 10,500 square metre (113,000 square foot) facility. The new head office location will house all facets of the merged company including sales, customer service, operations, manufacturing, technical support and engineering.
I've got a call in to talk with some people. Look for a story tomorrow or Monday.


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