Power over wireless?

I know at least a couple industry smarty-pantses who use power-over-wireless as a joke, seeing if they can find a sucker. Well, who's a sucker now? This is real, this is cool, and this is definitely a game-changer if the technology is made widely available. Except maybe it's still a ways off? It's hard to tell from the article. At one point, they're talking about how they're wirelessly powering a lamp right in front of the audience, and then we get this part, which is very exciting: "Initially it eliminates chargers and eventually it eliminates batteries all together," analyst Rob Enderle of Enderle Group said of Intel's wireless power system. "That is potentially a world changing event. This is the closest we've had to something being commercially available in this class." Sign me up! But wait. Smith says Intel's wireless power system is still in an early stage of development and much research remains before it can be brought to market. Rattner spoke of technological transformations he expects by the year 2050. Huh? 2050? I'll be really old by then. Aren't we supposed to have flying cars that run on hydrogen by then, and nuclear batteries that run forever? That's what Isaac Asimov promised me. But maybe the article is just poorly written, and the transformations the writer is referring to are different than this wireless power stuff. I'll keep you posted.