ProOne: "We're buying"

I swear I'm not trying to pimp for one of our advertisers, but I love the aggressiveness of Protection One in the new ad that's running on our web site (since we don't talk to the sales side, advertisements come as a surprise to us editors). Literally, it reads, "We're buying," and then goes on to list "alarm and fire companies," "integrators," and "accounts across the U.S." A contact number for Jennifer Holloway is then provided, and when you call it, you find out she's in the loan and acquisition group (she didn't answer the phone the two times I called this morning, so I'm not sure exactly what she does). Plus, there's an email address provided, I've got an email in to ProOne about what all this means, and who they're buying and why, and what the market looks like to them right now, and how much money they've got to spend, and they should be setting me up with someone soon, but this is how you use the web, people. Don't just run a picture of some pretty stuff and talk about how great you are, get people to do something. Do you want to sell your business? Then call us, and here's our phone number, or email us. It's pretty brilliant as a concept. Except that when you click on the link, it just takes you to the generic web site. I think it would be better if it took you right to a form you could fill out with your interest level, but that's another matter. Just wish I owned an alarm company...


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