Provident's hiring (who else?)

I've extolled Mike Jagger's virtues in this space before, so it shouldn't be a surprise that he's growing his company in down times. Anyone who wants to join his team at Provident Security, check this out. Jagger's always been right on the tip of web 2.0 (he's lamenting the fact that more security types haven't embraced Twitter), and here he is again, using something called Squidoo to advertise his sales openings. It's a nice presentation, full of YouTube clips and plenty of information about the company. And this is the way I think hiring has to start happening. The old days of sitting in a room and answering questions about a challenge you overcame and how you deal with too much work should be over. With all of the tools available to us now, we need to be seeking each other out - job seekers and employers - like people using dating sites. Job sites should be much more like or and much less like Monster and all the other crap that's out there. It shouldn't be top-down anymore (just like guys don't pay a dowery for their wives anymore). The best talent has value and is seeking a place to be inspired. The most inspirational places are looking for people who want more than a check. How do they find each other? That's what I keep thinking about when I hear all of these calls for job creation. I just don't think it's going to work like that anymore - these factories where people line up to punch the clock and make jokes about the boss and "management." That doesn't seem like the future. And maybe CEOs will be too ashamed to accept $20 million bonuses. Okay, I'm getting crazy now. I'll stop.


Its a slow move to use technology in our security world. I have used Linkedin for last 1.5 years or so and found that most of my contacts have come in the last 6 months. I use the "twitter" feature to update my latest search once a week. I find that facebook is more a social network for college buddies and not great for business relationships, however I have had a lot of friend requests from security folks over the last 3-4 months. I just refer them over to linkedin. To your point on "dating sites", I find its a relationship as a trusted advisor that gets the career oriented people to consider the other opportunities out there. Someone looking out for their best interests. As if they hired me to find the "right person to date" so they don't have too spend the time or get in trouble with their "current date". I agree that the Monster's of the world will not be as effective going foward. The ability of a company to show its worthiness of the A player will win. Nice job by Provident Security.

I love it, Noel: The recruiter playing the role of Pinye Salzman from Malamud's Magic Barrel! The English lit nerd in me is thrilled at the idea.

Gotta admit, I had to take the time to look this one up. Glad I did. Not too far off, but sounds like the interpretations are many. We will have to revisit this out at ISC.

Hi Sam,

We have seen a little slow down on, but not a whole lot. We still get new posting from employers out on the site daily.

As expected, we have seen a significant jump in Job Seeker activity due to the economic slowdown.

Ryan Hudson