PSA-TEC/ESX overlap

Okay, as promised, I have the exhibitors who were at both PSA-TEC and ESX last year (thanks to the efforts of publisher's assistant Cath Daggett - you didn't think I knew how to use Excel, did you?). It's not as big a list as I would have thought, actually. Just 17 companies: Aiphone Altronix Axis Bosch Brivo ComNet GE Security GEM Electronics Honeywell Minuteman NVT OnSSI Panasonic Pegasus Rainbow CCTV ScanSource Sedona Office For some of those companies (Honeywell, Panasonic), being in both places might not be a problem. For others of those companies (Pegasus, Rainbow), it might be more difficult. Whether there's really a conflict there is hard to say. But, between them, they only totaled 242 booths in 2009, and both would like to grow. That's where the conflict might come in. Normally, each other's exhibitor list might be a good lead sheet. This year, maybe you may be asking exhibitors to choose, which could lead to bad blood between organizations in the CSAA, NBFAA, and PSA that have always played nicely as far as I know.


This year, ASIS also overlaps with the BICSI Conference & Expo being held in Las Vegas Sept 20-24. BICSI has been taking a more active approach towards Security.

That's an interesting point, Reg. It might be harder to find the overlap between those two organizations (much bigger shows), but it might be an exercise worth doing (for Cath...).