PSAPs need a break

I just came across this story at, Jonesboro, Ark.'s ABC affiliate. This is just too much. Part of my job here at SSN is covering developments in false alarm reduction efforts around the country. Public safety answering points such as 911, as well as police and other emergency responders are already pretty stretched as far as resources go. I guess my point is if you have an alarm system, make sure it's inspected, tested, and in good working order. Be certain everyone who may be on the protected premises knows all the codes and passwords, knows how to operate the system. Obviously, acts of God, such as weather, hurricanes and the like can't be helped and can cause false alarms, and municipalities generally make allowances for such eventualities. If there's actually an emergency, and you need to hit your panic button, or call 911, then fine, but for the love of God, use your alarm system properly, and don't call 911 because your brothers, "they gone come up pootin' and pickin' on me."