For the real tech geeks

Of all the shows on the security circuit, the Security Summit is shaping up to be one that really showcases cutting edge technology. Largely, it's a homeland security play, with most attendees being government and law-enforcement type technology validators, or so said Michael Jones, the Security Network head honcho (and head of Pro Finance Associates) who invented the Summit, when he dropped by our booth at ISC West. (EDIT: the first link is fixed now - forgot the .php) Now in its fifth year, the Security Summit (here's a review from 2006) features a technology competition with judges representing the end user, integrator, and international technology assessment community, along with panels and presentations. The Security Network is a very brass tacks kind of organization. I attended one of their events two years ago, which was focused on transportation security, and I found the attendees to be very oriented toward real-world situations and public-private partnerships. Business is done at the Summit, but it's very high level and only the biggest integrators can really play, with plenty of sub-contracting trickling down to the agile and smaller integrators. Along these lines, the Security Network has launched the Center for Maritime Systems and Security, which is a public-private partnership composed of academics, government types and security industry folks, looking to identify and promote innovative maritime technologies both for security purposes and efficiency/responsible use purposes. Something about this organization, which is a 501c3 non-profit, seems like a new and different model to me. It's worth checking out.