RedShift gets $6m more in funding

The investor community continues to commit money to the security industry and ancillary manufacturers. You'll see on the home page a story about new investment in, which the CEO calls a good sign for the industry. And I found on the wire today this story about RedShift, which develops thermal surveillance technology, getting another $6 million in funding from a collection of investors:
RedShift will use the funding to complete development of its Thermal Light Valve(TM) -based camera platform, which is designed to be the lowest-cost and easiest-to-integrate thermal imaging solution for OEMs. Thermal imaging is a critical technology for enabling a range of emerging energy efficiency products such as intelligent HVAC, energy auditing in buildings, adaptive data center cooling and network power management. Until RedShift, thermal imaging was largely unaffordable for use in these and many other applications. “We are thrilled that Emerson has decided to back RedShift,” said Matthias Wagner, Chairman and co-Founder of RedShift. “There is tremendous fit between our technology and Emerson’s businesses and I expect this investment will be the start of a very productive relationship.”
They don't actually mention security, but I'm sure someone could creatively use such technology, and I know they have some exposure to security in general. Also, want to point out where I found this information. PeHUB provides great coverage of the venture capital and investor world and you can get a daily email from them by clicking here. The author of the email, Dan Primack, is quite good. Almost makes all that money talk seem interesting.