The remaking of Pelco continues

Considering they were purchased by the Europe-based Schneider Electric, and that they just announced a restructuring for their global sales efforts, it should come as no surprise that their leader of EMEA sales has a new job, but all of this change has to have some kind of effect on Pelco, no? The new news is that IndigoVision, IP video manufacturer, has appointed Ivo Drent as senior vice president for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Before joining IndigoVision, Ivo headed up EMEA for Pelco the last 10 years, "during which time he led their growth from nothing to $100m sales." Now, I have no way of knowing whether the quoted statement is true, or whether that $100m number is actually underperforming considering Pelco's products, name recognition, and the amount of investment they made in EMEA, but I do know you hate to have a former head of your sales organization, anywhere, selling against you. It's not like Ivo's going to start slandering Pelco six ways from Sunday, as that would undermine any trust he'd built with customers over the years, but he certainly knows who's due for an upgrade, or who really likes to get a fruitbasket at Christmas time, or what Pelco's product weaknesses are. And IndigoVision is going to go right after that. Good hire for IndigoVision, I'd say.