RMR that will make you fit

I've been meaning to write about these 24-hour gyms for a while. What a great RMR opportunity for a central station with some extra capacity. If you don't have a business partnership with one of these franchises now, it's time to find one. Basically, the gyms never close, and don't need staffing at night because everyone just wears a panic alarm while they work out, and have access cards to get in the building. Just look at all the tasty business outlined here: Snap Fitness uses a slightly different panic system, said Sternitzky. Buttons are still on necklaces and walls, but a security company is called instead of police. The security officer converses with people through an intercom. If a patron collapses or is too weak to speak, rescue crews are dispatched. ... Keycards help protect members, too, said Collien. People swipe their card to gain access at Anytime, Snap and Club Fitness. At his business, patrons sign a policy not to let anyone in, even if they think the person is a member, Collien said. The measure prevents people from entering with stolen cards. Sorry, not to interrupt, but how exactly does a policy not to let people in prevent people from entering with stolen cards? If they have a card, they don't need people to let them in, right? Customers who lose their cards receive new ones, he added. The old code is canceled so others can't use it. Even when they aren't working, operators can still watch their establishments. All local 24-hour centers have surveillance, and many owners can control the cameras from off-site. Collien said his cameras are connected to his home computer so he can monitor the business anytime, even when he's home with the flu. So, that's a monthly contract for the monitoring, plus a monthly contract for the managed access control (you don't think the gyms want to deal with issuing cards and changing PINs, do you?), which needs an access control system, preferably IP so you can manage it better at the central, plus an IP surveillance system (or a networked DVR, anyway), plus some analytics (you can't allow tailgating, can you?), plus the panic buttons. That sounds like a nice little system sale, plus a substantial chunk of RMR, no? I think it's time to promote fitness in your hometown.