Rogue lead-generator puts out 'Pinnacle' press release

I got a call from Pinnacle's Steve Hafen about my blog earlier today. He's not too happy about the "press release" I emailed him about this morning. Seems it was a rogue lead-generator-person who decided on his own, and without approval from Pinnacle, to put out a press release announcing that Pinnacle is "opening another sales office and a new security facility in Pittsburgh" because of the high crime in that city. Steve said that it was a "geo-targeted lead generator"—they use several of these to generate leads and interest in different areas of the country—who got creative and decided to put out the press release on his own to generate additional leads in Western Penn. He got reprimanded by Pinnacle this morning, and the fake press release has been yanked from the Web. So, for the record, Pinnacle is not opening "sales office and security facility" in Pittsburgh because it's so crazy crime-ridden. "We will have a Pittsburgh summer office," Hafen said, "but that won't be opened until later this month." Unfortunately, I didn't write down George Pavia's number. I wanted to call back to see if he's still got that elevator music answering his phone.


Being from Pittsburgh originally as a fire alarm and security system specialist (now in Texas) I was curious where these "rogues" obtained their crime rate information. If you run a search, you will find that Pittsburgh is not a high-crime rate city, although there are definitely areas within Pittsburgh and Allegheny County that meet that criteria, like any city. Since this company is from Utah I presume, there are cities that would offer high-crime rates much closer to home such as Phoenix, Arizona, a place I lived at from 2005 to 2010. It will be interesting to see if we get any further clarification on this false premiss.

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