The ROI sell for cities and towns

You know that ROI sell that everyone's harping on? Well, it works for municipalities, too.
As budgets tighten across the country, cities and towns increasingly are loathe to pay for graffiti clean up, as are local merchants. Check this story for a dose of Christmas spirt. Just as the local business district gears up for a big weekend of shopping, here come a bunch of idiots to make the place look extra uninviting. But your opportunity lies in this great quote: "This goes back to us being strongly in favor of cameras," Sedwick said. How much does it cost to clean up graffiti? How much does the camera system cost? Where does one cancel the other out? This insurance company sees the trade-off as being solidly in its favor. If you make the pitch to your local city/town council, logic says they'll see the trade-off as a positive one, too.