Say you wanted to build...

I've discovered this new site,, which is for hard-core dork engineers who are tasked with building things for OEMs. Some of it's way over my head, but it offers interesting insight into how products come to market. Anyway, I came across today an interesting piece on building a cheap, wide-dynamic-range camera. It might be worth a read as it takes the curtain away from some of the product that's out there on the market. I won't go through the whole thing, but what's interesting to me is that some things taken for granted as difficult in the security industry sure seem easy for this guy. Like megapixel, for example:
These attributes dictate the use of a low-cost image sensor. While the latest consumer cameras boast image sensors with more than 10Mpixels, this design can use a device with as few as 1Mpixels. Such devices are available at very low cost, thanks to the proliferation of image sensors in mobile phones and vehicles.
As few as 1 megapixel?!?! That's practically high-def, man! How are you gonna deal with all that bandwidth?!?!? The article then proceeds to make all kinds of image-capture problems seem ho-hum. I'm sure it's all more difficult than this, and there are very important security considerations he's missing (and I'm missing), but it's interesting to see someone from outside the industry consider questions the people inside it struggle with from time to time.