Securing the food supply


It’s one of those things I really, really don't like to think about—the idea that our food or water supply could be a terrorist target. Maybe that's because the idea of actually protecting the food supply seems so daunting. Protecting miles and miles of wide open farmland? How do you do that? Also, further along in the chain, the idea that the FDA and other government officials are not keeping a very, very close eye on food production (or have had the resources cut so they can't keep a good eye on things) and processing is just plain gross.

Remember Upton Sinclair's 'The Jungle'? 

Our sister publication, Security Director News, has done some reporting on the Food Modernization Act, which President Obama signed into law last month. And, the other day (as we were shipping off our March issue), a release popped up in my inbox about ADT’s work with food manufacturers.

From the release: “As part of the food safety legislation, food manufacturers and suppliers will be required to identify potential problem areas that might affect the safety of their products and outline ways to prevent or circumvent those areas of concern.  ADT, the leader in electronic security solutions, is working with food manufacturers to meet these new regulations by providing security tools and solutions that food suppliers and manufacturers can use to help keep their products safe and untainted.”

Hank Monaco, vice president of commercial marketing for ADT, is quoted as saying that the company’s has been working with “food manufacturers and suppliers on security for a number of years and have been a leader in the development of many of the food defense strategies and solutions used today ... Now that the mandates have been signed into law we believe we can use our expertise and knowledge to help others in the food industry achieve the same high levels of security and safety.”

ADT is working with” Arrowsight, a provider of remote video auditing services and software, and is using it in the Huntsville (Ala.) Food Defense Demo Lab to show food manufacturers and people in the industry new technologies and solutions in a real-world setting and how they can help keep the food supply chain safe and secure from sabotage.”

Interestiing, I've got a call into ADT to find out more.

On a much lighter aside, I just looked at an FDA link to information about the bill. Did you know that the FDA commissioner’s name is Dr. Hamburg?