Security’s got it’s head in the cloud



I wrote in this blog a while back about cloud storage–a developing thing in the security industry–and what it is and is not. I’ve also written about other types of storage. Storage is a big thing in security, especially when you start talking about video monitoring firms and the massive amounts of cached video data with which they’re dealing.

I also am putting the finishing touches on a story about DICE’s new DICEWise Wiki, powered by eTouch’s SamePage. DICE’s Cliff Dice is all about the cloud and the vast advantages it offers just about anyone with storage or information-delivery needs.

“Cloud based computing environments are deployable anywhere. It’s what most people are trying to move to … If you think about this, the world has really changed,” Cliff told me in a recent interview. “Google really changed the way the world looks at things, but Apple then took it to the next level. Those two companies have really changed the way we deploy software today, as we move away from Microsoft-type products that are PC-based and move more to a browser-based, movable solution.’”


I recently came across another interesting nugget on the Internets about cloud storage. Natick, Mass.-based cloud storage company Nasuni created an entertaining dramatization illustrating some of the benefits of the cloud over traditional storage methods and I thought it was actually very well done. I come from a theater/performance background and appreciate production value. You’ll recall, I also highlighted some of Monitronicsforays into dramatization for their Monix dealer training program.

Enjoy the video from Nasuni.