Security 5k results

The good news is that I ran 8:14 splits. The bad news is wait until you see how bad my Anthem was. Wow. Sounded much better to me. We'll have it up soon. That's me at #85, Louis Pfeifle (the "L" you've been wondering about), with a 25:35. I'm very pleased with #85. But I'm more happy about the 249 finishers. That's well beyond our expectations for the event and we're ecstatic about the amount of money we've raised for Misson 500. Here are the results (sorry about the small images - the results came in a web archive that I couldn't convert easily into a table - I'll find a better way later): Security 5k results, 1-40 Security 5k results, 41-85 Security 5k results, 86-125 Security 5k results, 126-175 Security 5k results, 176-215 Security 5k results, 216-end


Way to go Chris Hanson! Nice job representing Exacq!

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Did Martha finish ahead of you?

Yes, let me read that small type for you. Martha finished at #80, 5 spots ahead of me. I'm pleased to have been that close to her. She was the gold medal winner in the women 40+ bracket, for that matter. And I misread my own time last time around. I actually ran a 25:35, not 25:15.

SDN managing editor Leischen beat me, too, for that matter, at #74. We're a very fit bunch up in Maine.

Hmmm... am I reading the first line right? It looks like the overall winner, Mr. Eric Chabin, was 99 years old and finished in under 20 minutes?

Yeah, I'm not sure what happened with that. They must have entered his age wrong or something. He was an older guy though - easily in his 40s. Definitely 99, I guess.