Security in the doghouse


It’s not unusual for a homeowner to get a home security camera installed to keep at an eye on a pet while away from home. But here’s a new twist I read about in “Popular Science” magazine: installing a security camera in your dog’s doghouse so you can monitor your pet while it’s out there.

The article, written by John B. Carnett, begins like this:

“Pearl, my beloved labradoodle, dutifully watched me build myself a new house for the past three years. So when I was almost finished, I decided to build her a place of her own. A standard model just wouldn’t do, though, so I went a little overboard. After creating the design with CAD software, I added a solar hot-water radiant-heating system and made a green roof that retains rainwater, creates oxygen, and improves insulation. Then I decked it out with a few other touches, including some colored LED lights to brighten things up and a Web-enabled wireless video camera that lets me keep an eye on Pearl from my computer or phone.”

He said he put 70 hours into building the high-tech doghouse, at a cost of $1,500.

The article got me thinking: Is this a new market for dealers—selling homeowners security cameras for their doghouses?

Another reader of the article was thinking along similar lines. The reader wrote in the comment section: “This is very cool, is there a market for high end dog houses that could support a small business?”

But another reader’s comment immediately quashed that idea. “No thank you,” that person wrote. “I would never see my dog again if she had a house like this!”