Security + fire = More business


Security companies often come across customers who also have fire needs, but if they don’t do fire, they have to turn those business opportunities down.

But now ADI, the Melville, N.Y.-based wholesale suppliers of security and low-voltage products, is offering a free course to show you how to add fire to your product offerings.

According to the company, “the ADI Spring Into Fire Roadshow offers an accredited training class (2 hours) provided by Fire-Lite Alarms. Designed to help you expand your business into fire protection and safety, this course will provide detailed information on how you can get started in this market today. The class will review current market trends, leading fire solutions and life safety technology. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can grow your profits.”

Sounds like an opportunity.

The ADI Spring Into Fire Roadshow began earlier this month. Here’s a list of upcoming locations and dates (all class run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and include lunch): Dallas, Aug. 2; Pompano, Fla., Aug. 2; Houston, Aug. 4; Greensboro, N.C., Aug. 9; Pittsburgh, Aug. 9; Seattle, Aug. 9; Elmsford, N.Y., Aug. 9; Tampa, Fla., Aug. 9; Orange, Calif., Aug. 10; North Hollywood, Calif., Aug. 11; Minneapolis, Minn., Aug. 11; San Leandro, Calif., Aug. 16; Fresno, Calif., Aug. 18; Portland, Ore., Aug. 19; Sacramento, Calif., Aug. 23; Denver, Aug. 24; and Elk Grove, Ill., Aug. 31.