A security firm is the top home integrator

CE Pro has just released their annual list of the top integrators by revenue and there's an interesting name at the top: Guardian Home Technologies, part of the Pittsburgh-based Guardian Protection headed by Russ Cersosimo. (You know, the guy who pities the competition.) This year’s list is led by Pittsburgh-based Guardian Home Technologies with $37 million in multi-subsystem home technology revenue out of 19 locations. The company, overall, is a $120 million security company with roots in both residential and commercial alarm systems. Further, CE Pro's top 100 companies haven't felt the pinch of the economic situation yet, despite a bad builder market that must have hit them in the third and fourth quarters of last year. The list, which is in its tenth year, reported a leap in average income of 9 percent, from $6.8 million to $7.4 million. Other strong data includes a leap in the average installation price of 7 percent. I won't go further into some of the conclusions you can reach from looking at the full list because you should go check it out yourself. Security integrators need to become CE Pro readers and look at installation work that doesn't include (just) security. This is the message we've been preaching with the Security Business Development Forum (which we've just cut the admission price for, by the way): By diversifying your revenue streams, you can ride out bad economic times. Looks like Russ got that message some time ago.