Security on a Mac!

Well, per usual, I don't have much time to post, as ISC is kind of kicking me in the head (I suppose it wasn't totally necessary that I be out till 2 a.m. gambling last night...), but there is at least one bit of exciting news: You can finally get a video management system that works on a Mac! Check this out: This has been a complaint of mine ever since I've entered the industry - nothing works on a Mac. Considering that significant portions of certain industries - graphic design, education - use Macs almost exclusively, this seemed to me like a bit of an oversight. Well, Exacq has finally done it. They've got a great interface and a really powerful video management engine, and here at the show they're actually showing it running on a Mac. I've never seen it before. I talked to Roger Shuman at their booth and he says it was a response to integrators saying they wanted the capability for the educational vertical. Imagine that. I know this is more exciting for me than for you.


[...] And, of course, they work on a Mac. [...]